My Mission Statement Is Simple

Giving the highest quality work for every client

My Mission Statement Is Simple

Giving the highest quality work for every client

by chicjutta

Who I Am

My name is Jutta Arnaud-Rattensperger, a German national, fluent in several languages and I am passionate about any aspect of the ever-changing world of hospitality.
My journey in Vietnam started in 1994 when my ex-husband and myself became investor in this country and built, set-up and managed the first foreign managed beach resort of the country. Our project was in Mui Né and the lack of available resources, at the time, in equipment, staff and general supplies, has forced me to become a versatile manager who gained experience and knowledge through hands-on operations, online courses and trial-and-error in a wide array of hotel, hospitality, business and event management; including HR, F & B, Housekeeping, Front Office, Maintenance, Security, Marketing, Sales and IT.
All my years of work experience, in Europe and SE Asia, has always been in the high-end sector of the hospitality industry and I value elegance in all aspects, honesty, hard work and commitment.  I realize the importance of motivating any staff to deliver their best and I’m tactful and diplomatic when dealing with potential problems and I strongly believe a lot more can be achieved through communication than through conflict.
I am a Senior operations, resort and event manager leveraging more than 30 years’ experience in Resort and Event Management:
  • Very motivated hands-on professional with experience of developing a ground-up beach resort property in South-East Asia;
  • Provides the highest quality of customer satisfaction and retention;
  • Strategic planner to set and meet long-term goals of development;
  • Highly organized, detail-orientated manager; able to improve organizational effectiveness, productivity and quality standards through critical analysis and problem solving.
  • An articulate communicator; skilled in quickly engaging team members and audiences, establishing rapport and developing strong relationships

What I do

Assess, coach, supervise, correct, innovate, organize, design …
  • As the owner or management, you have a feeling something is not working as it should. Let me assess and tell you what you need to do and how to do it to make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Inspire your staff and your management team to be passionate about your property and help them work efficiently together while still showing the highest standards of customer care, service and organization skills.
  • Help develop a concise management style, one that is budget conscious but still able to bring quality services for your customers.
  • Supervise a variety of procedures and quality standards that can be put in place to ensure on-going success and productivity.
  • Through critical analysis, operational and procedural changes, issues and deficiencies can be identified and made more productive in an efficient manner.
  • An open dialogue will create the ideas your business needs to innovate cost effectively.
  • Effective organization at every level is a must in the hospitality industry to maximize revenue and minimize expenditure.
  • My proficiency in Web Design (WordPress, Wix, etc) and standard design programs allows me to help optimizing your corporate image and web presence.

Why I do it

Hospitality is my passion and I would like to contribute my knowledge and skills to the tourism development in Vietnam and the South-East Asia region. The ever-changing tastes of travelers and the multitude of choices in available hotels and resorts has led to a necessity to provide more unique and personalized guest experiences.
Vietnam and a lot of other destinations in SE Asia lack proper tourism infrastructure, products and services.
Hospitality is about people – clients and staff – and communication with both is essential.

Together we can transform weaknesses into strength and success!

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