Why you should test your front-end customer experience


Why you should test your front-end customer experience

by chicjutta

by chicjutta

Satisfaction of your clients is key to a successful hospitality business,

Be your business a hotel, a resort, a spa or a restaurant – businesses traditionally associated with the word ‘Hospitality’. But the same is true for hairdresser, gym, retail shop, store, clinics and any and all businesses who have a direct B2C relationship.

  • a well pleased client reacts less on advertisement of a competitor
  • happy customers will buy more, stay longer
  • and are loyal to you business
  • satisfied clients buy extra services or products
  • your appreciative guest will spread his great experience by word of mouth

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Word to Mouth is powerful and it’s not just for a few friends or family, but thousands, millions of other people through social media and online reviews. A few interesting numbers here to mull over ….

Let me continue by focusing on the hotel industry and give you a few more important numbers: only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain, 96% leave without any communication and 91% unhappy guests will choose another establishment.

How do your guests feel about your establishment? Do you really know?

As the above numbers clearly show, a customer will rarely tell the truth if he is dissatisfied to avoid conflict, for fear of being misunderstood or adverse reaction.

Every hospitality establishment therefore needs insight and genuine feedback. The biggest critic – your customer – may not tell you his truth and certainly will not see or experience what you see as the owner or manager.

It is human nature to show one’s best side as soon as the boss approaches but are you sure each of your customers gets the same reaction from your staff than you do?


You, the owner or manager, walks through the door, the bellboy will run to greet you. Maybe only 1 in 5 guests are greeted the way they should be. Maybe your reception staff is not suggesting upgrades or additional services which would bring more revenue. Maybe your maintenance crew takes way too long to respond to a problem your guest has in his room.

Competition is fierce, with many establishments offering a similar location, facilities or prices – you need to make sure to stand out of the crowd by offering optimal staff performance.

Find out what your guests experience through a Mystery Guest Program

Genuine feedback through a Mystery Guest Program report will help you to find the weak spots in your establishment and you will know where training or coaching is needed for your team and your team leaders.

The detailed report will also show you what service standard changes or physical improvements are needed and you can work out a cost effective action and financial plan.

Furthermore, the unbiased review of your mystery guest, helps to establish a marketing strategy which takes customers needs and wishes into consideration.

If you weigh the cost of an effective Mystery Guest analysis against the revenue gains from better staff performance through targeted training, you will quickly see that a Mystery Guest Program is really a good and necessary business decision. An operational assessment done by an experienced hospitality professional is a high value tool.

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